Hello and Welcome. 


I am Laura Jotzat. I'm a Chicago-based Intuitive Consultant and Energy Healer whose focus is helping others to align themselves with their highest potentials and healing in this lifetime.


My work is divinely guided for the assistance of those who want to become the highest expression of themselves.  I use my intuitive and healing abilities to help you become a co-creator of your own destiny.

I am a channel for the divine flow of the universe.

Through my work as an Akashic Records reader, a tarot and oracle card reader and a Reiki healer, I find your hidden blocks that need to be cleared as well as your hidden potentials that can be brought to life and amplified.  I allow divine intelligence to flow through me in order to connect with your soul's energy and illuminate that which needs light.  I can help free you of karmic obstacles that may have roots in other lifetimes.  I can bring to light your hidden talents and positive potentials that you need to be more aware of or need to gain more confidence in fully expressing in this lifetime.  I am especially helpful in helping others find their passions and creative outlets that would most fulfill them. I also read your relationships and the lessons, challenges, purposes, potentials and sources of love they provide.

I am a creative, soul-ution-oriented practioner who is both direct and compassionate.

When I find an issue that needs healing, I am very actively asking for answers from divine intelligence to solve problems and bring the most healing and upliftment to the situation.  I often receive multiple, potential solutions that can be applied to a situation.  This divine guidance helps you find the most spiritually evolved and effective approaches to your life's issues and challenges.