The Akashic Records are the vibrational records of all the living souls on earth as well as the records of the earth. An Akashic Records reading helps you understand your past, present and future possibilities.  It can help you to understand your path in this present lifetime and the gifts, challenges, lessons and purposes you bring to it. In an Akashic Records reading, I can help assist you in identifying sources of problems, which can often have roots in other lifetimes, and recieve spiritual guidance to remedy these issues.  I can also help you to discover your highest potentials, gifts and talents that can often lie dormant due to fear and conditioning. A reading can also help start releasing a lot of limiting beliefs and outdated karmic conditions. I assist with relationship, career, family, romance and spiritual issuse. I approach issues in a very solution-oriented, uplifting manner, honing in on root causes to problems and offering both pragmatic and inspired solutions that I receive from Spirit.

Akashic Records Readings